Episode : 338

This episode was hilarious to the point that it confirmed Gin Kagu


Media prints fake story.  Gintoki is the producer of Booger Diamond 48 and Kagura is the Star idol . ( i will leave the plot unrevealed *wink*)Capture



Media asks gintoki abt this but he prefer to remain silent stating that we have done nothing wrong .


Kagura appears


Before this incidence what i loved abt Gintoki is that he didnt forget abt kagura in this whole fracas

while Shinpachi is running behind and comfort the crying Otsu, Gintoki who always care abt money picks up the sleeping Kagura.



Gintoki Kagura


I will be showing how Gintoki & Kagura evolved throughout the manga or anime.

Episode 36 : Kagura :You really look better like that.

This was after Gin removed the fake wig. He had said in episode 5 that girls do not like him because of his perm hair. Kagura likes him better with wavy hair and she said so in this episode. Gin reminds her she is in men’s bathroom !



Kagura says this with such innocence and Gintoki seems embarrassed hence the retort ” its men’s bathroom”

It doesn’t stop her from entering the bathroom though . Their chemistry is so easy and amazing


Remember in previous episode Gintoki says he is not popular with girls because of his naturally wavy hair.  Kagura likes him with his trademark wavy hair !sds